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Year-end review 2020

2020 is out and I wanted to do a short review of what I did this year, as well as look forward to 2021. This year was difficult to be sure, but in spite of the craziness, or maybe because of it, I was surprisingly able to meet some goals I had previously set.

2020 Accomplishments

In 2020…

I’ve started to see a pattern of excitement when working on developer tools. I really enjoyed putting the front end tool chain together, and I’ve gotten to really take charge over a couple internal tools used department-wide.

2021 Opportunities

In 2021…

Looking ahead

To be honest, it feels weird to be writing about my accomplishments in a year filled with chaos, but I wanted to at least have a written record for future reference. I’m glad we can mark this year as done, and I’m hoping and praying the next year is better.

Until next time, stay safe, and may this new year be better than the last.