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Lean into the fear

Chantastic recently spoke at ReactJS Dallas about dealing with Imposter Syndrome. One of my favorite moments was when he talked about being asked to take over React Podcast hosting duties. He said he was afraid he was going to say the wrong thing to the amazing developers he would be interviewing.

Eventually he realized that fear was the only reason not to take the offer. So instead of passing up a fantastic opportunity, he decided to lean into the fear.

Listening to someone I’ve heard interview JavaScript heavyweights on my iPhone for the past few years talk about facing his own fears renewed my long-held belief that I need to lean into the things that make me afraid.

The first time I was asked to give a software talk, I had been a professional developer for less than a year. I was terrified, but I did it. Was it good? Meh. But the important part was I stepped out of my comfort zone. I still experience a fear of public speaking, but the more I push through that fear, the quieter its gets.

If fear is the only thing keeping you from doing something that could otherwise enrich your life, lean into it. Intentionally do something because it scares you. Start a YouTube channel. Give a talk at a Meetup. Try blogging for 28 days straight.

Push past the fear, get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You never know what it might lead to.

Have you ever let fear hold you back from doing something? Make an action plan today to lean into that fear, and let others know so they can encourage you. Don’t know where to start? I’m glad to answer any questions.