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Blogruary: 28 days of posting

I suck at blogging. Presently. I presently suck at blogging. I read somewhere that you should qualify negative statements with “presently.” So, yeah, I presently suck at blogging, but I would love to get better at it.

I’ve tried three or four times to start blogging, and I always fizzle out after a handful of posts. Why? I presently (ah, see what I did there?) struggle with finding value in what I have to say. Of course, that’s a pretty poor excuse to not write.

The thing is, I love the feeling I get when I help other people learn something. I get to do that every day at my job as a developer at The Container Store (it’s where space comes from; look it up). I’ve also heard teaching others is a great way to learn, and learning is like one of my top favorite seven things.

With that in mind, this month I have resolved to write 28 blog posts, including this one. I’m calling it Blogruary because I’m a stickler for naming things. The first ‘r’ is silent, in case you’re wondering.

You may ask, Ryan, why February? Well, it’s the shortest month of the year and I feel more comfortable doing 28 posts versus 30 or 31 and mind your own business, okay? Geez!

I’m not going to lie. Going from three blog posts a year to 28 in a month is going to be tough. I’m setting some ground rules to make sure I accomplish my goal. First drafts should take no longer than fifteen minutes to write. Editing should not exceed one hour. And to keep me honest, I will share these blog posts with all my followers on Twitter (hi mom!) as well as on my account.

The subject matter may be a bit random at times. I’m still trying to figure out what my thing is. But the end goal is to become a better communicator and help others in the process. I hope you come along for the ride.