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The curious case of flexbox gap and Safari

Update at the end The gap property was first introduced to add inner grid spacing but was extended in the spec to work with flexbox. With one line of code, you can replace something like this:

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What I learned blogging daily for a month

I recently challenged myself to write a blog post every day for a month. Up to that point, I had only written eight blog posts for two years. A month later, not only do I have 28 new blog posts, I’ve learned some valuable lessons about my blogging process and my website. I wanted to share things about the experience that worked for me and issues I discovered that need attention.

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How I write my posts

I’ve been posting a new article every day this month, and it’s been interesting. I’ll write about that soon, but today I want to share how I put these posts together. Hopefully, you’ll learn something new from my process, or see how terrible my process is and give me some advice.

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Understand the context of code you copy

If a problem is too difficult to solve on our own, sometimes the only course of action is to search, copy, and paste. It’s something all developers have done regardless of their experience level.

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How to get your pull request merged

When I started my first job as a professional developer, one of my biggest challenges was learning how to create helpful pull requests. I had been using git for a few years at that point, but my experience was limited to merging and pushing directly to the default remote branch. As a result, my first code reviews were fraught with answering questions, rewriting code, and (gulp) interactive rebasing.

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What is your code communicating?

Developers don’t write code for computers. I mean, we do, but not primarily. If we did, it would make no difference whether we wrote in Java, bytecode, or complete binary. Yet when given a choice, we write in abstractions because developers write code for other developers.

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Lean into the fear

Chantastic recently spoke at ReactJS Dallas about dealing with Imposter Syndrome. One of my favorite moments was when he talked about being asked to take over React Podcast hosting duties. He said he was afraid he was going to say the wrong thing to the amazing developers he would be interviewing.

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Your experience counts

On my journey from designer to becoming a developer, I often wondered if I needed a Computer Science degree. This is also one of the most common questions I get from others looking to jump into development from another career.

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Building habits through relationships

Atomic Habits by James Clear is a fantastic read. At its heart, the message of the book is that setting goals is ineffective in the long run. Real, lasting change only comes through building systems—creating the right conditions for doing the right habits.

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On changing careers

I had just made the decision to leave my 15-year career as a designer to become a developer, and I had no idea where to start. The only programming I had ever done was building websites for friends and family. I was completely green.

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