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Understand the context of code you copy

If a problem is too difficult to solve on our own, sometimes the only course of action is to search, copy, and paste. It’s something all developers have done regardless of their experience level.

While there is no shame in copying and pasting code, it can lead to a mess. That’s why I have one copy-paste rule that I follow: understand the context.

A reason for everything

Requirements, constraints, and assumptions all play a role in how we write code. Unless you’ve found a generic solution, the code you copy comes with a context that may not apply to your situation.

The wrong context could cause you to miss story requirements or cause other code to break (e.g. variable name collisions). Taking time to understand the context can help save you and your teammates a headache down the road.

Learning the context

Throughout my experience of dealing with copied and pasted code, I’ve seen a few common problems. These can be avoided by asking yourself some questions as you carefully read the code.

This looks like a lot of work

You may be thinking, Geez, Ryan, this sounds like it’s going to take forever, and the reason I’m copying and pasting code is to save time. And you’re right, this will add time to your solution. But that extra time will ensure that you solve the right problem, meet requirements, and reduce tech debt.

Copying existing code can supercharge your team’s velocity, but remember this comes with a cost. If you don’t slow down and ask questions, chances are you’ll pay the price further down the road, and you’ll lose any short-term gains over the long term.

Take the time to save time

Sometimes copying and pasting existing code is the best course of action. But before do, take the time to understand and adapt the context. The time you spend will save you in the long run.

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