A Change of Pace

Beginning with my last post, I have changed my blogging workflow. Before, I was typing up and proofing drafts in Google Docs, then transferring them over to WordPress, (which, as of this writing, is what this blog is built on, in case you’re into that sort of thing).

The main idea was that I would write a post and then have the ability to share with individuals to get as many eyes on the post as possible (a la Editorially). That was a pipe dream.

Now, I love Google Docs, but not for writing blog posts. For one thing, I write in Markdown to separate presentation from document structure. I don’t want to continually apply a format to imply content hierarchy when I’m stream-of-conscious writing, but that’s what ends up happening in Google Docs. I’m sure there’s a nice plug-in out there to allow me to write in Markdown on G-Docs, but I have yet to find one (if any one of you spam bots out there know of a good one, let me know).

What I’m really looking for is a way to visually represent the Markdown structure while maintaining the keyboard-only workflow Markdown offers, which is something Editorially did out of the box. Sadly, even WordPress’s text editor, which does indeed support Markdown, doesn’t do this, but at least I’m seconds away from a preview screen.

Another thing I don’t like about my old workflow was the transition from Google Docs to WordPress. It felt so disconnected. I can’t really describe it any other way. And now that I’m typing directly into the text editor, I feel a sense of immediacy or instant gratification. I think the change has even inspired me to write more.

It’s pretty amazing what a change of pace can do sometimes.